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Publishers are missing out on a large revenue opportunity.

Our network safely and easily creates brand new ad revenue.

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Ad Block Detection

Few publishers know their true ad block rates because most detection software gets blocked.

One-click consent

Whitelisting, subscriptions and forcing ads has not worked. Simply respect your readers and ask for consent.

Untapped Audience

Ad blocked audiences are willing to see ads when they have control and engage with brands more deeply.

Brand New Revenue

Our solution unlocks brand new ad revenue with upwards of a 76% engagement rate for our top performing publishers.

Premium advertisers want ad blocked users.

Block rates among high-income and high-value users are far greater than industry averages and solutions like whitelisting and forcing ads simply do not work. This is an audience that is currently untapped and highly valued by premium advertisers.

Consent is key.

Adtoniq has introduced a brand-new way to make revenue from your blocked audiences with One-Click Consent™. Our frictionless technology allows ad block users to opt-in via transparent messaging. Once opt-ed in, we serve high quality ads from our network or direct advertiser partners. And we support our publishers direct buy advertisers.

Adtoniq was incredibly easy to implement and we started seeing stunning results within 48 hours. We had tried 3 other vendors and none came close to ease of use, overall performance and approach to this complicated problem.

Chris D.(publisher with 18M Monthly Page Views)
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Nearly 76% of ad block users are willing to see ads on our top performing publisher’s sites.

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