Create New Ad Revenue in Minutes

Introducing a consent-based ad network exclusively for engaging ad blocking audiences. With One Click Consent you pay nothing, make money, and we do the work!

Did you know that a large majority of ad block users are willing to see ads?


Ad blocker usage is at an all-time high.

Our average partner is experiencing ad blocking rates of over 24%, and some are as high as 46%. Publishers are limited by ineffective options to address this issue.

Whitelisting and other tactics DO NOT WORK.

Websites are currently losing out on a large opportunity to make more revenue.


We’ve made it simple.

Adtoniq is introducing a brand new way to make revenue from your ad block audiences with One Click Consent™. Best of all, it costs you nothing, you make money and we do all the work!

Our technology allows ad block users to opt-in to advertising and other services with our proprietary One-click Consent, engaging them via high quality, open and transparent messaging and serving ads.

Adtoniq Opt-In

Websites who use Adtoniq’s technology are experiencing an opt-in rate of over 72%.

Whitelist on Desktop

Only 12% of all users on desktops will actually whitelist a website when asked.

Whitelist on Mobile

Only 8% of all users on mobile devices will actually whitelist a website when asked.

Network Block

Users on a network that blocks ads will not whitelist, because they can’t

Would Pay for Content

Around 6% of all users are willing to pay for content when asked.

Our ad blocking rate is over 45% on average. We wouldn’t be connecting with nearly half of our audience without Adtoniq


An Optimized Experience


We implement continuous multi-variate testing to optimize messaging, communication and ad placement strategies on your site(s) to maximize conversions using one-click consent technology™

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We constantly build out our proprietary technology, strategy and partnerships to maximize your revenue.

We Play Nice

We work alongside other technology and do not take away from any other revenue streams.

New Revenue

We pay you and retain a small percentage from the revenue we have created.


We are 100% aligned with our partners – if you are not making money, we aren’t either.

Start earning money today

In less than 5 minutes you can serve ads to your blocked audiences. We'll handle the rest.


How much does Adtoniq cost?

Adtoniq costs nothing but a little bit of your time to get started.  Set up time can be as little as 5 minutes.

How do I get started?

  1. Install the plugin
  2. Register with Adtoniq Cloud
  3. Approve the preview that Adtoniq prepares for you
  4. Sit back and receive checks from Adtoniq

Is Adtoniq right for me?

Do you serve ads on your WordPress website(s)?  Then ad blockers are preventing you from making more money.  Adtoniq solves that problem.

What if I don’t use WordPress?

Please contact us if you are interested in other platforms.

Can I talk to someone?

Our support staff is always available for any inquiries that you may have.