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Our direct-buy platform is the smart way for publishers to generate brand new revenue in a brand-safe way from their ad blocked audiences.

Advertisers are unable to reach 31% of their customers.

Premium advertisers targeting tech-savvy, college-educated and employed millennials are unable to reach up to a third of their target customers and many of them are desperate for a solution. They are shifting significant spend to a solution that reaches these users and improves performance. We can bring these advertisers to your website and support your existing direct buys.

As we found through testing with Adtoniq – this audience engages and converts better than all standard digital display channels

Senior Product Marketing Manager @ A Fortune 10 Company

We made $26,000 from Adtoniq in our first direct buy campaign.

Publisher with 725,000 monthly impressions and a 26% ad block rate

Adtoniq paid us $15,000 for a one month direct buy campaign.

Publisher with 337,000 monthly impressions and a 32% ad block rate

Your ad blocking rate is probably higher than you think.

We have spent years refining our measurement tactics because ad blockers not only block ads, but also the vast majority of tools required to properly measure your traffic. To make matters worse, your average rate is hiding the fact that premium demographics, which are the most sought after by premium advertisers, use ad blockers at higher rates than others. Ad block users tend to be tech-savvy, college-educated and employed millennials.

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Permission is essential for brand safety

At Adtoniq, we believe that the resolution of the escalating ad block crisis requires a change in thinking and action, recognizing that consumers now have the power to decide what is acceptable and what practices will not be tolerated. Solutions that do not respect your users puts your brand at risk. There is only one way that we see this working; permission-based advertising.

Whitelisting and forcing ads fails to recognize the reasons people choose to use ad blockers in the first place.

Discover Adtoniq’s Permission-based Platform

We work with premium publishers to unlock their ad blocked audience and bring you new campaigns or support your existing direct-buy customers.

Publishers install our software, which connects with our proprietary servers to run campaigns. When a visitor with an ad blocker lands on an integrated website, they are shown customizable and dismissible messaging and given the opportunity to opt in to support the website, while leaving their ad blocker enabled. Our own data shows that up to 60% of ad block users opt in to seeing ads.

Only users with an ad blocker turned on will see messaging, and only after they’ve given permission will they see ads.

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Minimal impact on site load time

After implementing the simple server to server integration, Adtoniq will inject ~18K of JavaScript into your website, which will have no impact on users without an ad blocker. This JavaScript will manage the permission messaging and the single cookie we use to remember a user’s choice.

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