Adtoniq for Google Analytics

Ad blocking is impacting your audience perspective

To manage the impact of ad blocking on analytics, ironically, you need good data.

Ad blockers are skewing your analytics, and their impact could be significant. Adtoniq helps you discover the size of your ad blocking problem, and gives you the scalable services to engage them and begin learning more about their behavior. Adtoniq for Google Analytics restores GA and displays your non-ad blocking and ad blocking audiences side-by-side, for a total audience view.

Here’s How It Works

  • Adtoniq detects most ad blockers, so our data on the number of users blocking ads and analytics is more accurate than other services. Use our highly accurate analytics to determine the size of your analytics blocking problem.
  • Your custom Adtoniq message, which asks the user to consent to show analytics, appears on your site. Our exclusive one-click consent button makes it easy for users to bypass their ad blocker quickly and easily, without having to leave your site.
  • Adtoniq for Google Analytics delivers a near complete view of your entire audience. Our custom segments and dashboards within Google Analytics allow you to gain insight into the make-up and behaviors of your blocked audience. All of this previously unavailable information feeds into your Google Analytics account, where you can view information about blocked vs unblocked users to help make strategic decisions for your site.

Why It Matters

Our data shows analytics blocking rates at about half of the ad blocking rate for most sites. If you knew your audience data was wrong by 20 percent everyday, would you try to fix it? Learning the behavior of your ad blocking audience and comparing it to your unblocked audience can yield surprising insights about the number of pages views, time on the page and time on the site. When you have a more accurate picture of your entire audience, you make more informed decisions.

Who Will Benefit

All WordPress and Java sites that depend on Google Analytics to inform user experience and site performance, which includes ecommerce and ad supported business models.

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