Adtoniq for Google AdSense BETA

Get ad revenue from your ad blocking audience

Serve AdSense ads to your ad blocking audience, with their consent, and see your ad revenue grow.

Today, your ad blocking audience is earning $0 in ad revenue for your site. Adtoniq can help turn $0 into incremental revenue by placing Google AdSense ads on the page with user consent.

A limited number of Adtoniq customers will be selected to participate in a closed BETA test of our latest technology, Adtoniq for Google AdSense. If you have a WordPress site with 1 million to 50 million pageviews per month, and you would like to learn more, please complete the form below.

Today, sites have three choices:

  1. Ask the user to whitelist your site and hope that they take the time to go into their ad blocker and do it in the moment,
  2. Force ads through and risk upsetting the user, or
  3. Put up a paywall and hope for less than the estimated 70 percent bounce rate that sites see with full content blocks.

Our new AdSense feature gives users the ease of one-click consent from any page on your site –no whitelisting necessary–and sites get the convenience of AdSense ad placement even if AdSense isn’t your primary ad network.

Here’s How It Works

  1. User sees your custom Adtoniq message asking the user to consent to ads being displayed on your site. User consents quickly and easily with our exclusive one-click consent button on your message, and immediately bypasses their ad blocker without having to go into their blocker and whitelist your site. This method of allowing the user to consent quickly without leaving the page is even more important for users using mobile and network blocking, for which whitelisting and disabling ad blockers is more difficult.
  2. Adtoniq’s Google AdSense technology places ads on the page based on your specifications. Your site earns ad revenue from Google AdSense, and Adtoniq takes a tiny percentage for serving the ads.
  3. See Google AdSense working live on our Examples site page.

Why It Matters

The 2016 study estimated that $15.8 billion in ad revenue was lost to ad blockers in the US annually. Ad blocking continues to grow and it continues to be a disruptive force for publishers.

How much are you losing to ad blockers?

Use our calculator

Who Will Benefit

All WordPress and Java sites with an ad supported business model. It is not necessary to have AdSense as your primary ad network, but you will need to have an AdSense account to use this feature. For the BETA, we are accepting media sites with 1 million to 50 million pageviews per month.

How to Participate

You need to be an Adtoniq and Adtoniq Cloud customer to be a part of the BETA program, so take advantage of our FREE first month and download now. Then complete the form below, and we will get back to you with more information and next steps.