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Adtoniq serves hundreds of sites large and small with simple self-serve tools and great support.

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Adtoniq for google analytics

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Enjoy All of Adtoniq FREE Your First Month

How much revenue are you losing to ad blocking?

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Adtoniq’s pricing is unique for a SaaS platform. We follow a usage-based model instead of a flat rate model, so every site pays only for what they use in a given month. The more you use the higher your discount, and yes, you can group multiple sites to take advantage of that discount.

Check out our packages here, but the best way to estimate how much Adtoniq will cost for you is to use the calculator below.

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Analytics Package


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  • Adtoniq for WordPress
  • Adtoniq for Java
  • Adtoniq Cloud
  • Adtoniq Analytics
  • Adtoniq for Google Analytics
  • Unlimited Online Support


*Usage-based pricing example for a site with 1 million pageviews/mo. Use the calculator below to find your price.

Adtoniq Cost Calculator

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*This estimate is for Adtoniq (free forever), Adtoniq Analytics and Adtoniq for Google Analytics.

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Exceptional Features from Exceptional Technology

Consent-based Technology

Adtoniq gives sites the tools to empower their visitors with fast, easy ways to consent to ads and analytics.

Exclusive One-click Consent

Blocked visitors can allow Google AdSense ads (BETA) and Google Analytics through with a quick one-click decision – no whitelisting or turning off ad blockers necessary.

Custom Messaging and Content Protections

Easily customize messaging to complement your customer experience, and configure content protections based on your specifications to help drive behavior.

Detect More Ad Blockers for Accurate Analytics

Adtoniq’s technology detects nearly all ad blockers, so you get more accurate analytics on your ad blocking audience.

Usage-based Pricing

Adtoniq’s pricing is based on your unique ad blocking rate and specific monthly page views, so you only pay for what you use.

Custom Segmentation and Reports in Google Analytics

Our custom segments allow for comparison between blocked and unblocked visitors across Google Analytics reports. Custom dashboards include reports of user behavior, audience demographic info, site content interaction data, and more for the blocked web.

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See Adtoniq in Action!

If you have an ad blocker installed you can see how Adtoniq works on a live site.

See Examples

Serve more ads and grow revenue


Adtoniq for Google AdSense (BETA) enables sites to display AdSense ads for blocked visitors who consent in one click. Sites gain incremental ad revenue and are able to monetize a new segment of their audience.

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Capture more analytics for a near full audience view


Most ad blockers block a lot more than ads. Blocking analytics can have a big impact on your site data, and in turn, customer experience. Adtoniq for Google Analytics allows users to bypass the ad blocker and re-enable analytics tracking with one-click to consent. Our custom segmentation gives previously unavailable insight into your blocked audience.

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What’s the next great Adtoniq feature? 

What’s the next great Adtoniq feature?

You tell us!

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