Adtoniq Pro to Express

Adtoniq Pro is a great  plugin for basic messaging, measuring ad blocking and associated analytics. But for websites that are ad funded and are looking to increase ad revenue in a fast, reliable and acceptable manner,  we are proud to announce a new plugin called Adtoniq Express.

What it’s all about.

A consent-based ad network exclusively for engaging ad blocking audiences. With One Click Consent you pay nothing, make money, and we do the work!

Our plugin allows ad block users to opt-in to advertising and other services with our proprietary One-click Consent, engaging them via high quality, open and transparent messaging and serving ads.

Partner Requirements

  1. Have one or more WordPress websites, version 4.6 or later.
  2. Already be using advertising of some kind on your website. It doesn’t matter what kind of advertising you have. This is where Adtoniq will place ads for blocked users once they consent, and most will.
  3. Comply with all Google AdSense program policies, as described here.
  4. Install the Adtoniq plugin on your site.
  5. Add Adtoniq to your ads.txt file
  6. Register for Adtoniq Cloud, and then authorize one or more websites using Adtoniq Cloud keys.
  7. Be a U.S. based business.
  8. Give U.S. bank account (or PayPal) information to Adtoniq to receive monthly payments.

How to Migrate from Pro to Express

  1. Uninstall Adtoniq Pro from your WordPress site
  2. Install and activate Adtoniq Express on your WordPress site
  3. The Adtoniq Support Team will contact you after that to complete the setup process.



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