Adtoniq Media Kit

Adtoniq unlocks previously unreachable audiences by enabling permission-based advertising to ad block users.

Running digital advertising campaigns with Adtoniq allows you to reach the unreachable and perhaps the most coveted audiences: ad block users. These are users who do not see advertisements across the internet – websites, search, social media.

Our solution is rooted in permission and choice. We work with premium publishers to bypass ad blocking software when the user grants permission. We do not ask users to turn off their ad blocker or force ads on them. Adtoniq drives significantly better advertising outcomes and increases reach into an audience you can’t otherwise find.

Ad block users tend to be tech-savvy and college-educated millennial consumers.

Mobile Block Rate

Computer Block Rate

Network Block Rate

*Source: Global Web Index (GWI) 2017 Ad Blocking Report

Adtoniq Advantage

Our software solution is installed on premium publisher websites and bypasses ad blocking software with user-consent. Our network has a 21-40% opt-in rate among ad block users on our publisher network and our ads have engagement rates hundreds of times higher than the industry average for display campaigns.

  1. Adtoniq is a high-performance advertising solution on premium publisher sites
  2. We market exclusively to people you can’t otherwise reach: ad block users who consent to seeing ads on websites they choose to support
  3. As a result, your ads are seen by users who convert at rates significantly higher than non-blocked users

Running a Campaign

Adtoniq is a white-glove managed service on a private marketplace platform. We will create your target publisher mix based on your top 10 preferred sites and content type. If the publishers are not already on our network, we will work directly with them to integrate for your campaign. We currently do not offer a programmatic solution but this functionality will be available in early 2021. We will provide an analytics dashboard or access to our API for direct integration with your platform.

  1. Define campaign budget, dates, preferred publishers and performance targets
  2. Adtoniq will work with publishers to integrate and establish inventory
  3. Send creative and finalize insertion order


Our platform is purely contextual. Ad blocking software prevents the required tracking for behavioral targeting techniques and we believe in supporting the privacy sought by these users. However, contextual is an extremely powerful and often overlooked method of targeting that can deliver extraordinary results. Our campaigns have a 2-5x greater CTR than an average display campaign and superior conversion results.

Our platform works on both mobile and desktop. We also allow for geographic restrictions down to the city level.

Ad Specifications

Adtoniq supports the following ad formats:

  • Any rectangular image ad unit size including all the standard IAB ad unit sizes. Images are limited to 1MB.
  • Text-only ad
  • Site takeovers
  • Video ads (see example)
  • Highly customized, interactive ad units

The Ad Council Case Study: 652% increase in CTR

The Ad Council is where creativity and causes converge. The non-profit organization brings together the most creative minds in advertising, media, technology and marketing to address many of the nation’s most important causes. The Ad Council has created many of the most iconic campaigns in advertising history. Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk. Smokey Bear. Love Has No Labels. Its innovative social good campaigns raise awareness, inspire action and save lives. We worked closely with The Ad Council to run their PSAs to ad block audiences and they saw a 652% increase in CTR over their average display campaigns. View Case Study

Attribution for Ad Block Users

Ad blocking software blocks far more than just ads. It also can, is or will block javascript for tracking and attribution. Software that is commonly blocked by most major ad blockers: Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, MOAT, Oracle Eloqua, Marketo and many others. Because of this, you are likely missing significant data from all digital media channels, including historically hard-working performance marketing channels like Google Search, social media and email campaigns. Adtoniq is developing a solution to unlock your missing attribution and analytics data from ad block users. View Attribution Product Spec

Privacy Compliance & Concerns

We have spent years researching the landscape of digital advertising and the evolution of ethics online. We found, along with other researchers, that the vast majority of ad block users are willing to disable their ad-free experience for websites and brands they care about as long as the ads are not intrusive and publishers are transparent and respectful in their approach. We deeply respect consumers’ right to choose their experience and also understand that the free web is funded by advertising so we aim to find a common ground between publishers and ad block users.

We are fully compliant with GDPR and CCPA.

View our Privacy Philosophy