The smart way for publishers to monetize ad blocked audiences

Publishers are missing out on revenue every single day. Our network safely and easily generates new ad revenue.

Absolutely No Risks Involved.  

We Pay You.

Consent Is The Key

At Adtoniq, we have long held the belief that the resolution of the escalating crisis of ad blocking disruptions requires a change in thinking and action, recognizing that consumers now have the power to decide what is acceptable. There is only one way that we see this working; getting consent from a user.

How We Make (You) Money

We Detect Ad Blocked User

Some of our partners were experiencing upwards of 46% ad blocking rates

User Receives Custom Request to Consent to See Ads

Adtoniq has a 51-76% Opt-In Rate

With Consent, We Bypass Their Blocker With Our Ad Network.

Our network averages a 4.85% CTR

You Earn New Revenue

Average publishers monthly returns of several thousand dollars in new revenue

The Adtoniq Ecosystem

Want a free, transparent and enjoyable internet experience
Want to promote themselves to the appropriate audiences
Want valuable connections between audiences & content

Do you know how much new ad revenue your company could be creating?

Adblocking is a Massive Problem and Opportunity

ALL publishers are getting crushed by ad blocking

Advertisers are UNABLE to connect with a huge
segment of their target audience

NO ONE has figured it out – several have tried.

WE figured it out and we make it SIMPLE

Providing STUNNING results

Our ad blocking rate is over 45% on average. We wouldn’t be connecting with nearly half of our audience without Adtoniq


We Deliver Real Publisher Results

No Other “Solution” Has Been Effective…. Until Adtoniq

In the first 60 days being live with a publisher:

  • We delivered nearly ten thousand dollars in Brand New Gross Revenue
  • Projecting forward gross new revenue of several thousand per month
  • 75% Opt-in rate
  • CTR Average of 5.47%
  • Average RPM of $10.12
  • Created brand new revenue from ad block audiences

Respect + Permission + Consent = Results

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