Adtoniq Beta Partners

Get started with our Beta Partner program and keep 100% of the money that we make for you in the 1st month.

Start creating new ad revenue right now

What we do

  1. We’ve introduced proprietary One-click Consent™ technology, which eliminates the need for white-listing, forcing ads onto ad block users, or paying the extortion fees associated with some ad block companies.  We believe this is the right way to engage and monetize your ad blocked audience in a sustainable manner.
  2. We can make you money today, on inventory where you are currently not.
  3. We don’t charge for our services (it’s a revenue share model after the 1st month), installation for WordPress takes less than 5 minutes and we do all the work.

*This is a limited-time offer for a pre-release beta program. General Release will be coming in the next 4 weeks. Space is limited.

How to start creating new ad revenue

  1. Download the plugin at
  2. Complete the registration form on
  3. Activate your account via an email sent to you from Adtoniq
  4. Authorize your website(s) to use Adtoniq
  5. Adtoniq’s Support Team will approve your website(s) within 24 business hours
  6. Review the custom messaging that the Adtoniq Support Team creates for your website(s) and go live upon your approval
  7. Sign up to receive monthly payments from Adtoniq
  8. Sit back and let Adtoniq make money for you

That’s it! You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

A bit more background and an invitation to be a beta partner:

Many companies over the last couple of the years have seen ad blocking rise on their sites (mobile is looming large) and have watched their advertising revenue erode. At Adtoniq, we have developed a solution that exclusively addresses this challenge and We would like to invite you to try our technology which will optimize and create new revenue from your ad blocking audiences at no cost to you.

We know you, like our other partners, have a loyal readership so it was very important for us to build and provide a solution that works for you and shows respect for you ad block visitors.  Adtoniq will engage your ad block audiences using high quality, open and transparent messaging and allow them to opt-in to advertising with our proprietary One-click Consent™ technology. It’s simple and easy and there’s no need for them to go through a white-listing exercise (or worse, forcing ads on ad blocked users) that we know doesn’t work very well.

Adtoniq’s efficacy is already proven and once you have seen the results for yourself, you can continue using Adtoniq. Just sit back, let us do the work.