Reach the Unreachable on Our Permission-Based Ad Network

Block rates among college-educated, tech savvy users are far greater than industry averages and our data shows that they are willing to see ads in the right context. Premium advertisers like you are unable to reach nearly half of their target market, but our permission-based ad network is changing everything.

We are currently accepting early-access partners.

Ad block users are college-educated and tech savvy

We estimate based on Pew research and our own data that block rates among prime demographics are over 50%.

Generation Z

> 50%

Block Rate

Generation X

25% – 50%

Block Rate


> 50%

Block Rate


15% – 25%

Block Rate

Publishers are Playing Catch-up

For the last few years, the publishing industry has been in a state of denial. Just like when mobile web browsing exploded, it took years for them to recognize it as a problem. Now history is repeating itself with ad blocking.

Unknown Rates

Most publishers will wrongly claim their ad block rates because they can't accurately measure them. Javascript gets blocked which means Google Analytics doesn't work.

20% does not mean 20%

A website's average block rate does not tell the whole story. Block rates among premium demographics are far higher than the industry averages.

Make goods are NO good

A 'make good' from a publisher does not get an advertiser any closer to reaching the other half of their audience.

The solution: a permission-based advertising network

AdToniq is installed by premium publishers whose readers are willing to support their content. Our frictionless technology then accurately detects the use of ad blocking software and allows ad block users to opt-in via transparent messaging. Once opt-ed in, we serve a high-quality ad experience from advertisers like you with a higher than average engagement rate.

Ad blockers are premium users

We are currently accepting new early-access partners to reach this unreachable audience.