High-Performance Digital Advertising Platform

Achieve 2-5x better CTRs and drastically improved reach with premium digital ad placements on leading publisher sites targeting ad block users who have given permission.

We are currently accepting early-access partners.

Expand reach & improve engagement

If your ideal customer is a tech-savvy and educated millennial, then a large segment of your audience are using ad blockers. We provide access to this audience while protecting your brand through permission-based advertising. Our campaigns achieve drastically improved ROI with a greater share of voice than other ad channels.

“As we found through testing with Adtoniq – this audience engages and converts better than all standard digital display channels”

– Senior Product Marketing Manager @ A Fortune 10 Company

Premium placements with a premium audience

We market exclusively to people you can’t otherwise reach: ad block users who give permission to seeing ads on websites they choose to support. Adtoniq uses above the fold placements on leading websites to reach your audience. As a result, your ads are seen by users who convert better than non-blocked users and who see fewer ads from your competitors.

Ad block users tend to be tech-savvy, college-educated and employed millennials.

Generation Z

> 50%

Block Rate

Generation X

17% – 30%

Block Rate


21 – 34%

Block Rate


15% – 25%

Block Rate

*Source: Global Web Index (GWI) 2019 Ad Blocking Report

The Adtoniq Advantage

Our data shows that ad block users are significantly more likely to engage with your ads, resulting in higher click through rates and ultimately higher conversion rates. Your advertising dollar goes farther and your campaign efficiency increases.

“We need new customers that we are currently not able to reach”

– SVP WW Marketing @ a Fortune 10 Company

How It Works

Adtoniq works with premium publishers to gain exclusive access to their ad blocked audience. Publishers install our software, which connects with Adtoniq’s proprietary servers to serve your campaigns. When a visitor with an ad blocker lands on an integrated website, they are given the opportunity to opt in to seeing ads in order to support the website, while leaving their ad blocker enabled. Our own data shows that up to 60% of adblock users opt in to seeing ads.

Only users with an ad blocker that give permission will see your ads ensuring that they actually want to see your advertising, which protects your brand safety.

Permission is Essential

At Adtoniq, we believe that the resolution of the escalating ad block crisis requires a change in thinking and action, recognizing that consumers now have the power to decide what is acceptable and what practices will not be tolerated. There is only one way that we see this working; permission-based advertising. It shows an understanding and respect for those who have chosen to use an ad blocker. Simply put, companies need to offer choices within their digital experiences; we call this the Permission-Based Economy.

Ad blocker users are a premium demo

We are currently accepting new early-access partners to reach this unreachable audience.