Adtoniq’s Free Ad Block Rate Tool

A safe and accurate way to measure inventory lost to ad blockers and estimate how much new revenue Adtoniq could generate for you.


Most publishers cannot accurately measure their ad block rate

The Adtoniq Ad Block Rate Tool (ABRT) uses advanced measuring techniques to accurately determine the ad blocking rate on your web properties. Many ad block detection tools do not detect all ad blockers or are blocked when attempting to record the ad block status of a page view. Most measurement tools such as Google Analytics and Omniture are blocked by many of the ad blocking plugins so publishers that rely on these tools do not have an accurate read on how much revenue they are losing. 

Our Ad Block Rate Tool is entirely free and only takes a few minutes to install on your website with minimal impact on page load times.

The ABRT consumes only 1K of browser memory, contains no JavaScript, and loads asynchronously so it will not impact your page load times.

How it works

  1. Fill out the form below.
  2. We will send a one-line HTML tag to be installed anywhere in the <body> of all your pages.
  3. After gathering sufficient data, we will report our findings to you.